OPTOMA HD142X Projector – Why should buy this

May 26, 2018

Whether to watch a movie or to play games a big size screen makes it awesome. For conducting business seminars big screens gives an effective communication. No more traditional projectors exist that are expensive. Modern projectors are cheap and best in quality. Before buying a projector, you need to know the purpose of it. Because few projectors are made primarily for gaming and few are exclusively made for presentations and some are designed to fulfil both.

Today let us discuss one of the best projector OPTOMA HD142X.


Why should I buy this: OPTOMA HD142X projector provides you with great picture and a better price.

For whom it best suits: This projector is specially designed for providing beautiful HD pictures for budget-conscious customers at a lower price.

Therefore those who prefer not to spend more money for projectors, then OPTOMA HD142X is the best choice. It best fits for movie nights and gaming. This is the best projector for those who think big screen home cinema is just an occasional luxury.

The following are the attractive features of OPTOMA HD142X.

1080p full HD:

This affordable projector is designed to provide full HD 1080p resolution which gives you a sharp and detailed image which will be perfect for watching movies. It also gives 3000 lumens of brightness. Optoma projectors support 3D from almost all 3D source which also includes Blu-ray. Optoma projectors are designed to accept high definition sources at 24 fps (Frames per Second) to maintain the purity of the image.


It has 8000-hour lamp life which can last for a number of years of use. It also claims that with 2 hours of a movie every day, the projector can last up to 10 years. It is the best life period provided at this price range.


It comes very light in weight and hence it can be easily carried away to any place. Although the projector lacks the automatic adjustment features, you can very easily adjust the image with the manual zoom lever to fit the screen.

Integrated speaker:

It comes with an inbuilt 10-watt speaker which gives you a complete experience of a movie. Therefore the need for spending on additional external speakers is eliminated.

Auto power off:

There are cases where the projector may be left running when they are not in use. With a motive of saving energy, this projector comes with ‘auto power off’ feature which turns it off automatically when it is not in use. Suppose if the projector is switched off unintentionally, then it allows you to power on instantly.

Smart projector:

It comes with two HDMI ports. By connecting with an HDMI dongle like chrome cast you turn the projector into a smart projector. With the help of MHL cable, you can connect the projector with your smartphone and view it on a big screen.

Therefore this is one of the best projectors at a low price which offers attractive features. Just grab one and enjoy your movie on big screen with hot popcorn.

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