Network Switch and Why You Need One

June 12, 2018

A network switch is a box that is connected to your home router to gain more Ethernet ports.  In simple terms, you can also think of it as a USB hub for networking. Generally, people confuse it with a light switch or a Nintendo Switch.

Usually, home routers come with three or four Ethernet in-built ports, and since almost everything is based on a home network right from laptops, phones, game consoles, to smart home accessories by using Wi-Fi anyway, most people don’t go for a network switch. 

Following are the Uses of Network Switch

Adding More Ethernet ports

A network switch is added to surge more Ethernet ports in homes and small businesses, an unmanaged switch, that is, a switch that itself has no settings or special features but occurs only to add more Ethernet ports to your network. The switch is competently imperceptible as it lets the router to continue handling the Internet connection, lets procedures talk to one another and confines the purposes of certain devices through parent controls or other settings.

Adding Ethernet all over the house

To add Ethernet overall, use a good mesh-networking kit as it saves money as well as the trouble of needing to run Ethernet cabling through the walls of the house. Tapping Ethernet cables in walls has become less enticing and less crucial as Wi-Fi has improved, and it might not even be a choice for people who rent their apartment or home.

Here are a few comprehensive things to look out for while wiring the walls of the house

Pick a place for the switch

This spot should be out of prospect and yet easy to entrée for setup and troubleshooting. It should also be easy to route cables to and from it and must be less than the supreme length over which most Ethernet cables will consistently work, that is, 100 meters from the furthest room that is to be wired.

Enable Cabling

There are lots of different variants of cabling is accessible based on use and features essential, protecting from electromagnetic intrusion and the kind of covering on it. A category 6 or Cat 6 cabling has all the assistance of high speed, and low price, and can carry a 1-gigabit Ethernet signal for up to 100 meters and a 10-gigabit signal for up to 55 meters.

Cut some cables

You can also use Ethernet plugs and strain-relief boots to lump the cables into the switch after you’ve cut them off with a wire stripper than a folding tool.

Put up Wall Jacks

One must purchase and use wall plates and mounting supports for all the rooms that are to be wired up. Likewise, buy as many Ethernet root jacks as compulsory for the whole procedure, thus that they fit into the plate and use it to plug your computer or game console’s Ethernet cable into.

Improving the Wi-Fi with Wires 

A clad wired network will rally your Wi-Fi performance by lessening the number of devices contending for the same wireless bandwidth. Nevertheless, this might not work well for large houses. Consequently, to wire up a particularly large house or to mend wireless performance, even more, Wi-Fi admission points such as the Ubiquity UniFi series can be castoff.

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